A story of prayer

9 01 2009

Since the last time I wrote, some time has passed and many diapers have been filled.  Sometimes I think my new daughter is an undercover agent for Huggies.

On December 17th, our daughter Megan Elizabeth was born, and our lives changed again.  I have many thoughts, emotions, and anecdotes about the labor, birth, and life with the baby, but I will leave most of that to my wife.  I wanted to share here a special interaction I had with God during the birth of my new little girl.

Coming into December, my wife was getting more and more uncomfortable everyday, and the doctor scheduled an induction for December 17th.  We were looking forward to the day, but with each day came more and more ominous reports from the weather folk of a horrible storm coming.  The storm was going to bring feet of snow to all of western Washington and everyone should take necessary precautions.  This did not help my wife’s state.  This could be bad in a lot of ways; my Mom (who was going to watch our boys) might not be able to get to us, my Mom might not be able to bring the kids to the hospital to see their sister, Michelle’s family might not be able to come.  Really the biggest and most important concern was getting Michelle and baby safely to and from the hospital.  I neglected to take that “Emergency Childbirth” class in college, though I am trained in CPR… which probably wouldn’t have come in handy.

I tried not to think about it and just resolved to wait and see.  Then, on Sunday the 14th, I woke up slowly and started praying as I sometimes do in the morning.  As I was laying there, verses started coming to mind such as James 1:6-8, Matthew 17:20, Hebrews 4:16, and especially James 5:16b:

“…the effective prayer of a righteous man can accomplish much”

Right then I started praying for God to hold the storm back for us.   Read the rest of this entry »


Wait, wait, wait…GO!

4 03 2008

It looks like tomorrow we’ll finally get to meet our little Anna.  It has been 40 long weeks of waiting and the last few months have been full of contractions, Dr. visits, and a feeling of immanence.  Tomorrow, Amy is scheduled for induction (we’re to report to the hospital promptly at 7am!) so this chapter should be over and a glorious new one will begin.  I am so eager to hold Anna in my arms, to kiss her precious little head, and to see what she looks like (as I learned with Rylie, my mental imagine will probably be nothing like the real thing!).  However, before we get to that blessed moment, my lovely wife has to endure the trauma of giving birth and I would greatly appreciate all of your prayers for her.  Hopefully by this time tomorrow, I’ll have posted some pictures and you can all see what our wonderful new daughter looks like!  Just a little more waiting…  

Foiled Plans for a “Leapling”

29 02 2008

With the “procedure” our doctor did yesterday to try to help Anna’s arrival along, I was really hoping we’d have our little girl born today, on “leap day.”  However, it is after 2pm, and my wife sits pain free (read “contraction free”) next to me on the couch.  As each minute ticks by, my hope and plans for my “leapling” daughter are going out the window.  What plans, you ask?  Well, with a birthday every 4 years…

1) Think of all the money I would save on presents!

2) I could tell her she could date when she is 16 (which would be 64 years after she was born!)

3) I’d graciously let her drive even earlier (say at age 10 0r 12).

4) I’d never have to worry about forgetting her birthday.

5) I could always brag about how advanced she was for her age (talking before the age of 1, reading before she’s two, graduating college when she’s 6!).

Oh well… it look likes God might have a different agenda.  Anybody think having Amy do some jumping-jacks might help?

Of Hospitals and Contractions…

21 02 2008

Maybe things have finally started. 

Last night, after the first service of our annual Missions Conference, Amy started having some heavy duty contractions.  During our drive home, we began timing them.  They were coming at regular 5 minute intervals and were so strong that they were bringing Amy to tears.  As we talked (between contractions) druing the half hour it takes to get home, we decided it might be prudent to grab our bags (which were ready and packed!) and head back to Amy’s folks’ house (since they live only 5 minutes away from the hospital and we live about 40).  By the time we got to Frank and Wendy’s, Amy had been having steady and regular contractions for over an hour.  We continued timing them and after 3 hours of contractions (and a whole lot of pain- poor Amy!) we decided to go in to the hospital. 

Once we got to the birthing center (after some confusion in the ER and a ride in a wheel chair) the nurses checked us into the “let’s see if this is real” room and hooked Amy up to the monitor.  The monitor showed that she was having regular contractions that were measuring over 50 and right before the nurse checked Amy’s cervix, she had one of those 100-plus-off-the-scale-monster-contractions.  I thought it was “go time”!  But…

…it was not to be.  They checked Amy’s cervix and she was only dilated to a 1.  She was also only 40 percent effaced and Anna was at -4 station.  The nurse said she would monitor Amy for another hour and then see if things were progressing.  That was at 12:30.  By 1:30 in the morning, the contractions had completely stopped and a little after 2, we were heading back home.  Amy was exhausted and a little disappointed (however, since she was starving, she was thankful we could stop and get her something to eat).

So, we’re back to waiting.  Is there a bright side to our middle of the night adventure at the hospital?  Well, we were able to get all our paper work filled out, we had a lot of opportunity to practice our breathing, and we now know you don’t have to fill out the triage forms and wait in line at the ER!  Hopefully all of those things will prove their usefulness in the next few days, but we’ll wait and see. 

Amy has an appointment with her Doctor today, so we’ll keep you posted. 

The Seas Have Calmed…

28 01 2008

We just got home from our appointment with our doctor and the news is good.  Amy isn’t dilated and everything looks to have slowed down.  My wife’s body went through a lot of pain the last few days… but no gain.  It doesn’t look like Anna is going anywhere soon. and that is wonderful news!  We want her to have as much time to grow and develop as possible.  Keep praying for Amy though, especially that she’d be able to take it easy and that the contractions would subside for a few weeks and then only come when it’s “go time!” 

The silver lining in all of this?  We are so much more prepared to bring Anna home now than we were three days ago and that has greatly eased Amy’s anxiety (and mine too). 

Thank you to everyone who rushed to our aid the last few days.  We are so blessed and grateful to have such wonderful family and brothers and sisters in the Lord!  Your love for the Savior was obvious in your love for us.  We love you all.

Batten Down the Hatches!

27 01 2008

We’ve cleaned the house. Anna’s crib is set up and her changing table is ready. The baby car seat is in the car…

…and Amy has been having intense contractions all weekend! 

We might have a baby by Monday… we’ll keep you posted.

Is Anna Coming?