From the Margin of… Acts 2:39

13 12 2008

How are you at “speaking the truth”? How clear and plain do you make the truth when you are talking with an unbelieving coworker or a relative that has walked away from the faith?From the Margin of...

I think we have all experienced the temptation to soften up our message or water down the truth a bit, attempting to make it more palatable and the conversation more comfortable.  However, when we water down the content of the message, won’t we find that we’ve watered down the power of the message as well?

Because of that temptation, the following quote from Richard Sibbes really convicted me.  I appreciated Sibbes comments so much that I wrote them next to the text of Peter’s powerful sermon in Acts 2.

Sibbes explains:

Truth feareth nothing so much as concealment, and desireth nothing so much as clearly to be laid open to the view of all; when it is most naked, it is most lovely and powerful.”

I thought Acts 2 to be a good margin location as the two together remind me that, as I preach, I must proclaim the truth clearly, boldly, and in all its naked beauty, believing that God the Spirit will use the naked truth to bring souls to the Savior.  But the practice of “truth exposing” shouldn’t just be isolated to a sermon or a teaching time, it should be my habit whatever the conversation and whatever the context.  I don’t know about you, but my fallen lips (and the mind that fuels them) need this reminder!




One response

1 01 2009

Nothing like a Puritan quote to convict us huh?! ;) Thanks for the reminder Ryan. Keep up the insightful blog posts.

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