Progress in the Local Fight for Life

30 09 2008

Yesterday was my first day participating in this fall’s 40 days for life prayer vigil.  Amy, Becky and I had a powerful time of prayer together with others outside of our local Planned Parenthood.  As we stood there praying, singing, and reading scripture, we noticed the activity at this usually very busy Planned Parenthood was almost nil.  Others standing with us noticed the same thing and wondered if the clinic was closed for the day.  As we talked about it, one of the prayer leaders (who prays outside of this clinic regularly) shared with us that it appears this particular clinic had moved most of its activities to another clinic during the 40 days.

This reveals a real change in the approach of this particular Planned Parenthood center.

Last fall, when the first 40 days campaign launched, the Planned Parenthood employees and volunteers staged a counter protest.  Each day they would stand opposite of those involved in the prayer vigil, holding banners and chanting their slogans.

However, last spring (with the launch of the second 40 days for life campaign) the counter protest stopped and instead the clinic posted a banner announcing their “Pledge-a-Picketer” fund raising drive.

This year there is no banner and there are no protesters.  There seems to be no fight at all. Again, it appears that for the next 40 days this very strategically located clinic is going to try to function on the move and the presence of the prayer vigil has seriously affected their ability to do business.

Praise God.




One response

1 10 2008

That’s awesome. There is so much power in prayer! I’m very glad to hear that it’s starting to effect their business. I’m looking foward to what more prayer may bring!


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