Out of the mouth of babes

29 08 2008

*Warning!* It’s about to get political!

I was sitting at the dinner table with my family tonight and was feeling kind of silly.  When I’m feeling silly, I sometimes confuse my kids by asking them questions I know they probably won’t understand.  It’s fun to see your kids look at you like you’re an alien when you ask them: “So Jonathan… have you researched any prospectuses so you can use your investment capital more wisely?”

So I turned to Daniel, my genius four year old (he can read at a 3rd grade level), and asked him: “this sure has been an exciting election cycle… who do you think we should vote for?”

He yelled out “Barack Obama!”

After getting over the amused shock that he even knew what I was talking about (and that he’s probably watching too much tv), I then had the following dialogue:

Daddy: Barack Obama, huh?  Why do you think we should vote for him?

Daniel: Well, I think maybe he’s a nice guy and we should vote for nice guys!

Daddy: Oh… and do you know who the other guy is?

Daniel: Yeah, John McCain (with much less enthusiasm)

Daddy: And you don’t think we should vote for him?

Daniel: No.

Daddy: Why not?

Daniel: Well, maybe because he’s a bad guy or maybe he does bad things.  Maybe.

Daddy: Like what kind of bad things?

Daniel: I don’t know.  Maybe he didn’t.

Daddy: Oh, ok.  Well Daniel, did you know that Barack Obama thinks it’s ok to hurt babies?

Daniel: What?! (with a look of shock and confusion)

Daddy: Yep… So do you think we should vote for him?

Daniel: No! We should vote for John McCain!

Daddy: *sigh* I wish you could vote, buddy.

Daniel: I can!

Daddy: Actually, that would be voter fraud, son.

Daniel: Huh?(with the “Dad’s an alien” look I was originally looking for)

Daddy: Exactly. Now eat your pizza.

As much fun as it was talking politics with a four year old, I lamented that my young son could so clearly understand an issue put forth so simply while it seems much of our country and about half of our government cannot.  Abortion has been made so complex when everyone knows that the question is simple.  Is it ok to kill a human being or not?

I listen to talk radio to and from work, so I know that there are many conservatives out there that are mad McCain won the nomination.  I also know that there are many who hate the notion of “one-issue” voters like myself; but let me make my case.

Many things matter to me.  I have opinions about immigration, domestic drilling, taxes, health care, and education that I could talk about ad nauseum.  But they all fall into an order of priorities.  Imagine a cop who stumbles upon a pair of ne’er-do-wells.  One is pointing a gun at an innocent citizen, the other is carelessly emptying a can of hairspray into the air, accosting the ozone.  He only has time to take out one bad guy.  I, like the cop, will always put the defense of innocent life at the top of my list.

I know McCain hasn’t always been a “team player”.  I know he’s weak on the conservative stance of illegal immigration.  I know he is more concerned with being a centrist than many conservatives are comfortable with.  But if I hypothetically had to weigh my vote between someone who would be the perfect leader and accomplish all the goals I think are important, yet was in favor of abortion, and someone who would stunt the growth of our country, yet would fight to end abortion in America… I would always vote for life.  Some things are just too important.  I had reluctantly acknowledged I was going to vote for McCain in spite of himself, but was greatly encouraged after seeing the Saddleback Civil Forum.  If you haven’t seen the footage from that event, I highly recommend taking a look.

Remember, if you are a Christian, you have been gracefully given the privilege from God to have an effect on the leadership of your country.  Use your vote!  Engage your neighbors in discussions about these issues.  Everybody loves to talk about their opinion; and keep in mind that when asked questions about why you fall on a certain side of an issue, you have an open door for the gospel.

I considered going into the whole abortion “debate” here, but I really feel it isn’t necessary at this point.  I believe everyone knows the right and the wrong of this issue.  If you don’t, start here.

And if you weren’t already… please, please, please pray for our leaders.  Even the “blue” ones.




2 responses

29 08 2008

I can relate to your dinnertime conversation. Toby is quite insistent that he is going to “go to [Grandpa’s] party and vote for him,” despite all my attempts to explain otherwise!

2 09 2008
Bob Allen

Glad to know that morals are not above Daniel’s paygrade – since when did we have to be paid to have morals?

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