Here Comes Hunter Brown!

8 08 2008

Today is the release of Chris and Allan’s first novel, Hunter Brown and the Secret of the Shadow. I read it this last weekend and seriously couldn’t put it down (my sleep suffered because of you Miller Brothers!).  What a creative book and a captivating story!

The Secret of the Shadow begins the journey of Hunter Brown, a 9th grade prankster whose life is turned upside down by a book and the world he discovers through its pages.  In efforts to flee the scene of his last day of school zenith of pranks, Hunter finds himself off on an adventure far beyond what he ever thought possible.  Through the mysterious book that “accidentally” falls into his possession, he is drawn into the fantastic world of Solandria, a place of warriors and creatures, magic and villains. As the story takes us with Hunter on an amazing quest, we watch him being tested and trapped, chased and rescued, seduced, threatened, encouraged, attacked, and through all of this (and more!) Hunter discovers powerful truths about himself and about his world.  The thrill ride of Book 1 (this is the first in a series) climaxes with Hunter thrust into a life and death battle with an enemy that is beyond what he (or the reader) imagines.  I don’t want to ruin the ending, but I’ll just tell you that the final chapters are worth the price of admission!

Chris and Allan have done a terrific job writing this book. The story moves quickly through its 300 plus pages, the characters are fascinating and rich, and the plot keeps you guessing and thinking.  Clearly inspired by christian favorites like Pilgrim’s Progress and the Chronicles of Narnia, the guys continue the tradition of teaching us abstract spiritual truths through powerful and imaginative fiction.  The book is aimed at teen readers, but adults will enjoy it for the way it wrestles with serious spiritual issues like God’s sovereignty, sin’s hold on us, and the journey of embracing Christ through faith. I hope many families gather together around the pages of Hunter Brown and use Chris and Allan’s wonderful writing to springboard the conversation to the Cross and the God who saved us there.

Great job, guys!  I’m sure the Author is pleased.




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20 08 2008

I enjoyed this book too. The next can only get better. I liked this book better than Dragons in Our Midst because it had a clearer gospel message, comparable to Narnia.

The target audience is early teens so the writing is not as sophisticated as I would like, but that is just me.

I can’t wait for the next book!

20 10 2008
CW Small

Hunter Brown and the Secret of the Shadow is an amazing book. I could not put the book down and have already read it three times. The storyline is awesome and they have presented some key faith elements in a fresh way. I highly recommend the book. Can’t wait for book 2 next Fall.

2 12 2008

I thought this book was great. My entire family loved it. And if you ever read you will know why I love it.

7 12 2008

Hunter Brown is an amazing book for anyone!! I love this book a lot. It’s filled with happiness, excitement, joy, action, suspense, and a lot more so read this awesome book!!!-nicebook

7 12 2008

I loved this book. It was so exciting that I couldn’t put it down.

11 12 2008

What an exciting adventure! This story pulled me in till I felt like I was with Hunter every step of the way, feeling every hurt, joy, sorrow, and accomplishment. I felt like I learned with him as he learned more about the Author and how to follow Him. The imagery is wonderful when Hunter gives Aviad his most precious possession. I enjoyed this book and want to read it again and again, and I can’t wait until book number 2! ~ Connie

13 12 2008

I discovered his book at the Fantasy Fiction tour and i automaticaly wanted to read it . They hit the spot on this one. Although im not in the age group they were aiming for i loved it and so did my mom. A very good book with a very good ending.

19 09 2009

I love this book! It is totally awesome!

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