Heaven Gets More Beautiful…

9 07 2008

As Amy and I have been grieving the loss of our unborn child, the thought of one day meeting him or her in heaven has been a source of true comfort.  A few months ago, I came across the following quote in a sermon by Charles Spurgeon.  When I first read it, I must admit his thinking stopped me.  I’d never thought of the greatness of the multitude of saints in heaven and how it will exceed the souls in hell.  But then he raised the issue of the number of infants God has brought graciously into His loving presence and my heart began to fill with wonder. I thought about the incredible size of heaven, the vastness of the choir gathered there to sing the praises of Christ and His Cross.   The day I first read Spurgeon’s words, I stopped and shared it with my wife.  After reading her the quote, I sat a few moments in awe, just meditating on the wonder of it all.

The last few weeks God has brought these words and that moment to mind again and again.  Here is what grabbed my attention that day:

Think of the countless hosts in Heaven: if thou wert introduced there to-day, thou wouldst find it as easy to tell the stars, or the sands of the sea, as to count the multitudes that are before the throne even now. They have come from the East, and from the West, from the North, and from the South, and they are sitting down with Abraham, and with Isaac, and with Jacob in the Kingdom of God; and beside those in Heaven, think of the saved ones on earth. Blessed be God, His elect on earth are to be counted by millions, I believe, and the days are coming, brighter days than these, when there shall be multitudes upon multitudes brought to know the Saviour, and to rejoice in Him. The Father’s love is not for a few only, but for an exceeding great company. “A great multitude, which no man could number,” will be found in Heaven. A man can reckon up to very high figures; set to work your Newtons, your mightiest calculators, and they can count great numbers, but God and God alone can tell the multitude of His redeemed. I believe there will be more in Heaven than in hell. If anyone asks me why I think so, I answer, because Christ, in everything, is to “have the pre-eminence,” and I cannot conceive how He could have the pre-eminence if there are to be more in the dominions of Satan than in Paradise. Moreover, I have never read that there is to be in hell a great multitude, which no man could number. I rejoice to know that the souls of all infants, as soon as they die, speed their way to Paradise. Think what a multitude there is of them! Then there are already in Heaven unnumbered myriads of the spirits of just men made perfect-the redeemed of all nations, and kindreds, and people, and tongues up till now; and there are better times coming, when the religion of Christ shall be universal; when “He shall reign from pole to pole, with illimitable sway;” when whole kingdoms shall bow down before Him, and nations shall be born in a day, and in the thousand years of the great millennial state there will be enough saved to make up all the deficiencies of the thousands of years that have gone before. Christ shall be Master everywhere, and His praise shall be sounded in every land. Christ shall have the pre-eminence at last; His train shall be far larger than that which shall attend the chariot of the grim monarch of hell.

How grateful I am for the powerful atoning work of Christ.  What a comfort to know that our little one is now part of that majestic multitude that will be forever praising our Lord.  Through all of this of the past few weeks, Heaven has become even more beautiful for us.  Thank you, Jesus.




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9 07 2008

Thanks for sharing that. It really is amazing to think about, and how we can’t even understand how amazing it really will be. Our God is so big! Well, we miss you guys and we’re still praying for you daily.

Love, Rachel

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