Planned Parenthood: “The LensCrafters of Family Planning”?

26 06 2008

Dr. Albert Mohler has posted a disturbing article on the new strategy of Planned Parenthood.  The organization is seeking to take its “product” to a mall near you.  The post does a good job at exposing what is really driving these centers for “social services” and it is not care for the needy, but a desire to make a profit off of the helpless.  Pray that God would thwart this new effort and please continue to support those who truly are caring for the needy and the helpless.




One response

26 06 2008
Bob Allen

What strikes me the most is that our congress continues to fund this “business” under the guise of social programs. I would like to see the believing community plead with God to take action against this organization. I am not encouraging any personal violence, but that God would truly permit them to destroy themselves — to give them over to their own desires and watch them consume themselves. Aborting the organization of Planned Parenthood – they shouldn’t have a problem with that principle.

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