More Muddy Feet?

23 06 2008

I am very excited to announce that two of my good friends will be joining me as contributors to Out of the Miry Clay. Dave and Chris have both been writing their own blogs for a while (Dave has two blogs of his own and Chris has at least three the last time I checked).  However, when I approached them with the idea of adding some new voices and fresh perspective here at the Miry Clay, they were eager to join.  Let me tell you why I’m so excited about their partnership.

Dave was one of the Sr. High students at our church when I first started here 11 years ago.  We began a relationship together years ago through discipleship and that grew into a friendship that has been a tremendous blessing and encouragement to me.  Over these years, I’ve seen Dave grow from a teenager struggling to understand and apply his faith into a husband, father, and passionate evangelist who delights in our Savior and won’t back down from sharing Him with anyone and everyone.

Although, Dave comes from a long line of missionaries, pastors, and church planters, God lead him into the secular work force.  But don’t think for a moment that by his secular vocation Dave was running from ministry- he was embracing it!  Dave is continually sharing his faith with his co-workers, whether they be atheists, Mormons, Catholics, or just struggling fellow believers who need some scriptural exhortation.  This is one of the reasons I am so excited about Dave joining the blog.  I’m hoping his perspective on and experience of sharing Christ in the secular workplace will be a challenge and encouragement to those of you with the same calling.

In addition to being a workplace evangelist, Dave is also a godly husband and father who takes very seriously his role and is continually thinking through and working out how his faith is applied in his home.  Here also, I am eager to glean wisdom from my brother.

Dave’s voice is a welcomed one here at the Miry Clay and I’m praising the Lord for this new step in our relationship.

Chris is a newer addition to our church, who, although I’ve only known him for a few years, feels like we’ve been friends for decades.  Chris’ calling to ministry and mine are similar, although God took us in almost the exact opposite directions.  Chris is musically gifted and grew up with the desire to go into pastoral ministry as a worship leader.  However, God has also given Chris (and his brother Allan) wonderful artistic talent.  Through events that hopefully Chris will share about, God led him from the direction of ministry through music into Christian service through art. Chris and his brother Allan are now writers and illustrators of two published Christian children’s books and their first novel is coming out this August!  When hearing Chris tell us about his call, I had to laugh as God had called me out of a passion for art and desire to work in that field into pastoral ministry.  I tease Chris that I’m surprised we didn’t meet each other as we were passing by!

I love talking with Chris and watching his intense and creative mind work out and apply his faith.  He is a deep thinker who is continually challenging himself to grow deeper into the knowledge of our God.  Like Dave, Chris is also a bold evangelist who loves the Lord and is passionate for His kingdom.  His life echoes Paul’s passion expressed in Romans 1:16 and the testimony of his gracious boldness is wonderful challenge to me.

As a gifted writer and thoughtful Christian father and husband, I am delighted to have Chris sharing his reflections here.  I promise you, he will make you laugh and make you think.  I’m eager for you to be as challenged and inspired by him as I continually am.




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