Of a Caveman and an Angel…

23 05 2008

“to my dream girl”

one day, as my mind spun
and chased thoughts and dreams,
you returned and woke me up.
you were a vision of all i thought
should be and could be, but wasn’t.

you showed me what it was
and put a few fresh dreams in my tired head.

the chase began

from my distance i began to know you,
to see you, my angel, as more wonderful than i had ever imagined.

days flowed into weeks and weeks into time
and in time we found a friendship that beckoned for more

more change, more maturing, and more amazed
led to days of summer and years of wonder
that i will always hold as proof
that a dreamer’s dreams
can come true.

happy 10th anniversary.

(still) your dreamer




2 responses

23 05 2008

I love my dreamer!!!! Thank you so much honey! You are so incredible! Thank you for making my dreams come true!
I love you!!!!!
(Now tell me what the other suprise is!)

23 05 2008

How cute! I love the caveman! Happy anniversary! Can you believe she has put up with you for 10 years!?! Just kidding! Love you guys!

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