Wait, wait, wait…GO!

4 03 2008

It looks like tomorrow we’ll finally get to meet our little Anna.  It has been 40 long weeks of waiting and the last few months have been full of contractions, Dr. visits, and a feeling of immanence.  Tomorrow, Amy is scheduled for induction (we’re to report to the hospital promptly at 7am!) so this chapter should be over and a glorious new one will begin.  I am so eager to hold Anna in my arms, to kiss her precious little head, and to see what she looks like (as I learned with Rylie, my mental imagine will probably be nothing like the real thing!).  However, before we get to that blessed moment, my lovely wife has to endure the trauma of giving birth and I would greatly appreciate all of your prayers for her.  Hopefully by this time tomorrow, I’ll have posted some pictures and you can all see what our wonderful new daughter looks like!  Just a little more waiting…  




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5 03 2008
Gary Lent

Hey, but how soon we forget about things at home!!! Wow, you guys are on the verge of many more relationships. (Number of poeple, squared?) Neat to read your blog. Gary

5 03 2008

I’ll be thinking about you guys all day…we’re praying for a safe delivery and a healthy baby!! See you Thursday!! :) (cant wait to see pictures!!)

5 03 2008

We all are dying to see this new little one!! Praying all went well for Mom and Dad and BIG sister too!!!

6 03 2008

I know you’re busy with adjusting to a larger family now, but could you just take a moment and post a picture and some stats on the baby? …I’ll try to be patient a little bit longer. :)

6 03 2008

I was waiting patiently but SERIOUSLY! Us little people down here in Oregon are waiting to know too!! We need something.

Love to you both. We all truelly love you down here.

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