Who Are You?

1 03 2008

The other night as we were sitting around waiting for Anna, my lovely wife found this site that lets you take personality quizzes that pare you to characters from popular TV shows.  We had some fun playing around with the quizzes and I thought I’d invite others to give it a whirl. 
Have fun and let me know who you turn out to be!

Which Lost Character Are You?
Which Heroes Character Are You?

For the record, I ended up as Juliet Burke and Matt Parkman (honest characters, who care about others and yet speak their mind).  However, when I took the villains quiz I ended up as Ben Linus, so maybe I’m not doing as well as I thought!  If you’d like to see all of the quizzes, click here.




One response

1 03 2008

Charlie Pace and Mark Parkman

I don’t watch eaither one!! So I have NO idea if that’s even close ;)

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