Opening Day!!!

31 03 2008

Hope springs eternal (or hope renews every spring!)

Go Mariners!!!

Go Mariners!!!


The Gift

26 03 2008

Life is hard.  Life is a blessing. 

Which statement best reflects the way you view things?  Recently, my attention has been pulled a lot towards the first sentence, but some recent events have reminded me of the truth of the second.

It is true that life is hard.  Most of us don’t just coast along, all of our bills paid, perfect health, and no troubles to mention.  We all battle in this life.  We battle the clock,  we battle our bodies,  we battle our bank accounts.  We battle our limits. 

And then we add more fuel to the fire; we add sin.  Sin only intensifies the battle, doesn’t it?  Sin makes the battle become with our spouses, with our children, with our co-workers or neighbors.  We mess with sin and then battle to keep it from dominating our lives.  

When Jesus said, “Each day has enough trouble of its own” (Matt 6:34) most of us give those words a hearty “amen!” because we’ve found that life is hard.

However, two events recently reminded me of what a blessing life is.  Read the rest of this entry »

Back to the Keyboard…

16 03 2008

What a couple of weeks!  Our precious Anna has arrived, I got sick the day after (hello, sinus infection!), we’ve had a birthday party for our big 3-year-old (who was also sick with a fever) and I’ve done two funeral services.  All of this happened during my two weeks off to help Amy with Anna.  (I’m ready to go back to work so I can get some rest!)

All of this excitement (Anna’s birth and Rylie’s birthday) and weariness (beings sick and tired) has lead to some down time for this blog.  I had big plans for some posts during this two week span (an elaborate right up on Anna’s birth story, a final post for the 40 days for life, an introductory post for Watson’s A Godly Man’s Picture) but I never got around to any of that (hmm, write a post or help your wife care for your new born daughter? Not really a tough decision.) 

Now things seem to be calming down.  We’re all getting healthy (Amy made me go to the doctor yesterday) and Anna is starting to settle into a schedule (although last night was rough as she had a stomach ache from about 3-5am!).  Hopefully this week, I’ll get back in the swing of things and return to regular posting.  

Well, we’re off to give Anna her first bath and then we’ll try to venture to church this evening. 


Happy Birthday Rylie!!!

11 03 2008

Today our precious little Rylie is 3 years old! I  can’t believe it- it has gone by so fast! We love you, Rylie-girl.  Happy Birthday!

Newborn Rylie Rylie the Scholar
So big!

Anna’s Smile

8 03 2008

We recorded Anna’s smile as we were getting ready to leave the hospital yesterday.  Maybe she was just happy to go home (I know I was!).

Worth the Wait!

6 03 2008

Wow! What a day!  My wife is amazing and my new daughter, Anna Sophia, is beautiful.  We thought Anna might be born around noon or 1pm, but she kept us waiting until 6:59!  She is a healthy 7lbs 8oz and 20 inches long.  Her little head is covered with hair and she has a great set of lungs!  We all got some sleep last night and should be able to head back to our house sometime this evening. Thanks for all of your prayers and to all of you who walked through yesterday with us.  God is so good and His blessings are so overwhelming! 

Anna & MommyAnna & Rylie

Wait, wait, wait…GO!

4 03 2008

It looks like tomorrow we’ll finally get to meet our little Anna.  It has been 40 long weeks of waiting and the last few months have been full of contractions, Dr. visits, and a feeling of immanence.  Tomorrow, Amy is scheduled for induction (we’re to report to the hospital promptly at 7am!) so this chapter should be over and a glorious new one will begin.  I am so eager to hold Anna in my arms, to kiss her precious little head, and to see what she looks like (as I learned with Rylie, my mental imagine will probably be nothing like the real thing!).  However, before we get to that blessed moment, my lovely wife has to endure the trauma of giving birth and I would greatly appreciate all of your prayers for her.  Hopefully by this time tomorrow, I’ll have posted some pictures and you can all see what our wonderful new daughter looks like!  Just a little more waiting…