Foiled Plans for a “Leapling”

29 02 2008

With the “procedure” our doctor did yesterday to try to help Anna’s arrival along, I was really hoping we’d have our little girl born today, on “leap day.”  However, it is after 2pm, and my wife sits pain free (read “contraction free”) next to me on the couch.  As each minute ticks by, my hope and plans for my “leapling” daughter are going out the window.  What plans, you ask?  Well, with a birthday every 4 years…

1) Think of all the money I would save on presents!

2) I could tell her she could date when she is 16 (which would be 64 years after she was born!)

3) I’d graciously let her drive even earlier (say at age 10 0r 12).

4) I’d never have to worry about forgetting her birthday.

5) I could always brag about how advanced she was for her age (talking before the age of 1, reading before she’s two, graduating college when she’s 6!).

Oh well… it look likes God might have a different agenda.  Anybody think having Amy do some jumping-jacks might help?




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