Of Hospitals and Contractions…

21 02 2008

Maybe things have finally started. 

Last night, after the first service of our annual Missions Conference, Amy started having some heavy duty contractions.  During our drive home, we began timing them.  They were coming at regular 5 minute intervals and were so strong that they were bringing Amy to tears.  As we talked (between contractions) druing the half hour it takes to get home, we decided it might be prudent to grab our bags (which were ready and packed!) and head back to Amy’s folks’ house (since they live only 5 minutes away from the hospital and we live about 40).  By the time we got to Frank and Wendy’s, Amy had been having steady and regular contractions for over an hour.  We continued timing them and after 3 hours of contractions (and a whole lot of pain- poor Amy!) we decided to go in to the hospital. 

Once we got to the birthing center (after some confusion in the ER and a ride in a wheel chair) the nurses checked us into the “let’s see if this is real” room and hooked Amy up to the monitor.  The monitor showed that she was having regular contractions that were measuring over 50 and right before the nurse checked Amy’s cervix, she had one of those 100-plus-off-the-scale-monster-contractions.  I thought it was “go time”!  But…

…it was not to be.  They checked Amy’s cervix and she was only dilated to a 1.  She was also only 40 percent effaced and Anna was at -4 station.  The nurse said she would monitor Amy for another hour and then see if things were progressing.  That was at 12:30.  By 1:30 in the morning, the contractions had completely stopped and a little after 2, we were heading back home.  Amy was exhausted and a little disappointed (however, since she was starving, she was thankful we could stop and get her something to eat).

So, we’re back to waiting.  Is there a bright side to our middle of the night adventure at the hospital?  Well, we were able to get all our paper work filled out, we had a lot of opportunity to practice our breathing, and we now know you don’t have to fill out the triage forms and wait in line at the ER!  Hopefully all of those things will prove their usefulness in the next few days, but we’ll wait and see. 

Amy has an appointment with her Doctor today, so we’ll keep you posted. 




2 responses

21 02 2008

You tell much more of the story!!

Love it…the fact that any day you will be a Dad to two little girls!!! Can’t wait.

21 02 2008

UPDATE: Amy went to the Doctor and the report is that nothing has changed or progressed from last night. Actually, it seems like things have slowed down; she’s just having minor contractions today and she seems to be feeling better (although she is very tired). Thanks for your prayers.

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