40 Days for Life: Day 15

20 02 2008

One of the blessings about being involved in the 40 Days for Life campaign to end abortion is the daily emails that are sent out by the event organizer, David Bereit.  Each day I receive an email filled with encouraging stories of what is happening all around the country as people gather together to pray for an end to abortion.  I thought I’d share a few of my favorites with you so that you too might be encouraged through seeing what God has been doing in answer to our prayers.

In OLYMPIA, WASHINGTON, Ed reports that, “while Jill and Bert prayed in the rain a young couple stopped to look at the 40 Days for Life banner. After a short pause, the car entered Planned Parenthood’s parking lot. The couple were observed speaking with each other — Jill and Bert prayed harder!” The couple finally made the decision to leave without ever entering the abortion facility.

In LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY, Angie reports: “One group of people came out of the clinic and a woman from the group (grandmother age) came walking up to us. I looked down so as to keep focused on my prayer and to protect myself emotionally and spiritually from any possible persecution we would possibly receive. But she told us, her face beaming, ‘She decided to not go through with it,’ and walked away quickly. We thanked her, praised God, got choked up and continued to pray.”

Angie added, “I don’t feel worthy to be telling this story because this is the first time I’ve ever been to that clinic to pray. Maybe it was the crowd of people praying at 7 am when the girl went into the clinic that made her change her mind, or
the sidewalk counselor who maybe managed to get in a few words to her as she walked into the clinic, or the “grandmother” begging God to spare the baby’s life. We were just given the beautiful gift of seeing the heart changed!”

In BELLINGHAM, WASHINGTON, as Kathy prayed in front of Planned Parenthood, two young women approached her. One was four months pregnant and considering abortion because of her abusive husband. Her friend said it was okay because “there’s hardly anything there.”

“So I gave the friend the ‘First Nine Months’ brochure so that she could see for herself how fast the baby develops,” said Kathy. As they walked away the pregnant mom said, “You saved a life today.”

“Wow,” thought Kathy, “what a gift from God. I whispered, ‘Thank you, Lord,’ as I walked back in a daze to my place at the corner.”

Teresa in MONTEREY, CALIFORNIA also witnessed firsthand the power of prayer last Saturday. “A woman stopped by and told the volunteers that she had been considering an abortion but when she drove up, she saw vigil participants praying and knew that her decision to abort was not an option any longer.”

The woman asked for information about life-affirming clinics in the area, and was pointed in the right direction.

Brian in KALAMAZOO, MICHIGAN says his good news came about as a direct result of bad weather. “It was about 5-10 degrees. It had been snowing for two days and the roads were pretty bad. Still, we had a sizable presence in front of Planned Parenthood.”

The people who were gathered in prayer ran quickly to offer help when a young woman turning into Planned Parenthood’s driveway slid her car into a snow bank.

“They discovered the woman was going to Planned Parenthood for a pregnancy test,” said Brian. “They told her about the Alternatives Pregnancy Center across the street that gives pregnancy tests for free. She ended up turning around and
going to Alternatives.”

And there are more stories like this! Praise God for what He is doing as His people pray.  If you’d like to read more about people’s responses to the 40 Days campaign, check out the blog.  If you’d like to find a prayer vigil to attend, click here.   




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