Hurry Up… Oh, Why?

30 01 2008

Rylie SharkI’m not a big schedule freak.  Really, I’m not.  However that said, I don’t like to be late.  It bothers me, and lately it has been happening a lot.  I think this is part of life with a pregnant wife, a two year old, and a busy schedule.

The other day, my “hurry up, we’re late again” mantra that I have been preaching to my wife and daughter intersected with the inquisitive genius of a two year old. 

Her response to daddy’s “hurry up”?

“oh, why?”

She then went on to stop as she walked down each of our porch steps so she could point out the clouds, the birds, and the garbage cans.  She thought it important to inquire about each noise: “what was that, daddy?” and to make sure I knew that her favorite water animal was a shark.

All the while my brain was spinning with the question: “oh, why?”

The more I thought about it, though, the more I realized Rylie’s “oh, why?” was the same question I’d be asking years down the road.  One day I’d realize these precious moments of cloud watching and shark talk went by way too quick and I’d ask myself “Now, why were you in such a hurry?!”

So thank you, Rylie, for slowing  daddy down so he can enjoy these moments with you that we won’t ever get back. 

And to those of you who are waiting for me… I’ll be there as soon as Rylie and I finish a discussion about her favorite color (dark brown) and daddy’s favorite animal (the Rhino).   




One response

30 01 2008

Oh this is so true! It is so easy to get caught up in all we have to do. This reminds me of a quote from Beth Moore in the “A Woman’s Heart, God’s Dwelling Place” Bible study… “Your time wil come. For now your personal life must be part-time, and their little lives must be full-time.”

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