The Seas Have Calmed…

28 01 2008

We just got home from our appointment with our doctor and the news is good.  Amy isn’t dilated and everything looks to have slowed down.  My wife’s body went through a lot of pain the last few days… but no gain.  It doesn’t look like Anna is going anywhere soon. and that is wonderful news!  We want her to have as much time to grow and develop as possible.  Keep praying for Amy though, especially that she’d be able to take it easy and that the contractions would subside for a few weeks and then only come when it’s “go time!” 

The silver lining in all of this?  We are so much more prepared to bring Anna home now than we were three days ago and that has greatly eased Amy’s anxiety (and mine too). 

Thank you to everyone who rushed to our aid the last few days.  We are so blessed and grateful to have such wonderful family and brothers and sisters in the Lord!  Your love for the Savior was obvious in your love for us.  We love you all.




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28 01 2008

We are praying the little Anna comes at just the right time for her and Amy!

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