Batten Down the Hatches!

27 01 2008

We’ve cleaned the house. Anna’s crib is set up and her changing table is ready. The baby car seat is in the car…

…and Amy has been having intense contractions all weekend! 

We might have a baby by Monday… we’ll keep you posted.

Is Anna Coming?



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27 01 2008

So far, the action has really slowed down so we’re just hanging out at home. I really thought that with three days of serious (and “different” according to Amy) contractions, we were getting close. However, unless things change, it looks like it might be a while.

27 01 2008

We have been praying for all of you! Thanks for the update. We were wondering how she was doing. Can we help with anything? Do you need a meal or any errands run? Please let us know.

28 01 2008
Frank Emrich

We all prayed for Amy and Anna yesterday and again last night. Lots of folks asked asked about Amy so you guys can rest assured that our church family is praying. By the way I was out of my comfort zone without you being there yesterday, it just doesn’t seem right somehow. (Don’t get any “hugging” ideas) Tony C. felt the need to defend you and your theology after my comments regarding a paticular song we sang and Chris V. made a feeble attempt to correct my theology with a verse from James.

28 01 2008

Still no Anna. Amy’s contractions have been pretty irregular and overall it hasn’t been nearly as intense as it was this weekend. We have an appointment with the Dr. at 1:45 today, so we should know more then. Thank you for all of your prayers. Right now, Amy and I are praying that the contractions continue to decrease so that Anna can stay in the womb for a few more days (or weeks). For some insight on how Amy is doing, check out her post “In Limbo.”

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