Some Good News in the Fight for Life

23 01 2008

35 years ago yesterday, America relegated life to a choice of convenience and made on demand abortion legal in the United States.  Since then, over 40 million unborn children have had their lives taken.  But maybe the tide of violence against unborn children is turning.  Yesterday, as those who cherish life gathered around state capitals and on the steps of the United States Supreme Court in the annual March for Life, they made a statement: “This must end.”  Is their message being heard?  Here is some good news in this fight for life:

U.S. Abortion Rate on the Decline

The Youth of America are More Pro-Life than Their Parents

A Powerful Speech Delivered to the House of Representatives

Princeton Legal Professor Robert P. George on Roe v. Wade

The Next Wave of Support for Life?

March for Life 2008



One response

23 01 2008

Thanks for the pro-life links. It is encouraging to see that the numbers are getting better.

I’m going to add your blog address to my page so that I will visit here more often.

BTW, Buczak is spelled Bravo-Uniform-Charlie-Zulu-Alpha-Kilo. I know, I know, it’s much more difficult than Hall. I learned my phonetic alphabet just so I would know how to spell it on the phone. You try telling people C-Z on the phone!

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