I Need Medicine!

21 01 2008

Yesterday, my precious little daughter had her first exposure to an experience we all dread: throwing up.  We noticed she was getting a head cold on Saturday, but by Sunday morning (about 6 am) her illness had settled into her stomach and then onto our bed sheets!  About an hour earlier, I had brought Rylie into bed with us as she had woken up, crying.  Around 6, I got up to get ready for church.  As I was in the basement, ironing my dress shirt, I heard a commotion upstairs in the bedroom.  When I peeked my head in to see what was the matter, my daughter was sitting up in bed, her hands shaking, tears running down her cheeks, and yelling “I need medicine!”  (Like any good American, my daughter has figured out all she needs is to be medicated!)

Amy and Rylie stayed home from church yesterday, and although I had a full day of ministry (our Senior Pastor was away yesterday, speaking at a conference, and he has big shoes to fill!), my lovely wife more than doubled my output.  I did get to run home between the morning and evening services to snuggle with my little girl, as we watched Dora and Amy slept (how she had energy to do five loads of laundry yesterday, take care of Rylie, and fight off the contractions, I have no idea!). 

Last night, Amy slept on the couch and Rylie and I took the bed (Rylie’s bed had no sheets and Amy thought she could rest a little better away from the snuggler).  As I lay in bed, snuggling with Rylie and talking with her, I thought about what a blessing she is and how I don’t get as much time to just hold her and talk with her as I’d like.  We had some wonderful moments of silliness and snuggling (she had started to feel much better) and it made me reflect on how God had brought all three of us through a long, hard day and how He’d given us each other.  Being part of a family isn’t easy (especially when they puke on your sheets at 6 am) but at the same time I wouldn’t trade my family for anything.  To have someone to share life with is a blessing of God and so much better than the things it is often exchanged for (like material wealth, success, or fame).  

Thanks you, Father, for my girls.    




2 responses

21 01 2008

Rylie does love her Daddy! (So do I!!!!)
YOB :)

22 01 2008

Hey! Becky got sick too :0 Guess they did to much snuggling this weekend too. Hope your all still well, and didn’t catch it too. SO understand the washing and all. YUCK!! Lots of rinsing…..

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