He Who Finds a Wife…

16 01 2008

God has been so gracious to me.  Daily I am reminded of His overwhelming blessing upon my life as I reflect on what I get to enjoy that I do not deserve.  My wonderful Amy is up at the top of that list.  This week, as I have been struggling through a few things, she has been a true pillar of support and encouragement, and has continually challenged me to respond to whatever arises in a Christ-like manner.  This is nothing new.  Since God brought her into my life, she has been His gentle and gracious instrument to make me more like the Savior she so faithfully serves.  

To have someone to share life with is a special treasure, but to have that person be your closest and truest friend, to be a fellow heir of the grace of life and to walk hand-in-hand with you as you follow the Savior- to what can you compare that?  It can only be described as a gift, a gift so rich and so valuable that few blessings in life can even come close to comparison.  As I have again experienced this week, my wife’s love is like a refreshing drink of water to a my soul and her joy in our God fills me with hope and strength.  She is truly my treasure and favor from the Lord.

I love you, Aim. 

My Wonderful Wife!





3 responses

16 01 2008

She truly is!!

19 01 2008
Esther Denne

Hello from Indonesia :-)
You are so lucky to have an angel from heaven to be your wife. She is very beautiful :-). Jesus bless me too, He gave me a godly lovely Hubby. He show me this ( your) blog. We both are enjoy reading your writings and Jesus bless us through it.
Jesus bless you and family

19 01 2008

Thank you for your kind comments, Esther. It is so wonderful to hear from fellow followers of Jesus around the world. What a blessing to be part of His family!
Jesus bless you and your “hubby.”

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