Jonathan Edwards…On Psalm 40

8 01 2008

Do you ever wonder how The Fall worked into God’s plan? Ever question why He allowed us to fall into the “miry clay” in the first place?  Wouldn’t it have been better to just keep us safe in Eden than to allow us to make this present disaster?
As we continue this series of reflections on Psalm 40 from great heroes of the faith, listen to Jonathan Edwards’ rich wisdom on the blessings of the “pit.”

Again, man is now brought to a more universal and immediate and sensible dependence on God, than otherwise he would have been. All his happiness is now of him, through him, in him. If man had not fallen, he would have had all his happiness of God by his own righteousness; but now it is by the righteousness of Christ. He would have had all his holiness of God, but not so sensibly; because then he would have been holy from the beginning, as soon as he received his being; but now, he is first sinful and universally corrupt, and afterwards is made holy. If man had held his integrity misery would have been a stranger to him; and therefore happiness would not have been so sensible a derivation from God, as it is now, when man looks to God from the deeps of distress, cries repeatedly to him, and waits upon him. He is convinced by abundant experience, that he has no place of resort but God, who is graciously pleased, in consequence of man’s earnest and persevering suit, to appear to his relief, to take him out of the miry clay and horrible pit, set him upon a rock, establish his goings, and put a new song into his mouth.—By man’s having thus a more immediate, universal, and sensible dependence, God doth more entirely secure man’s undivided respect. There is a greater motive for man to make God his all in all,—to love him and rejoice in him as his only portion.

Jonathan Edwards from The Works of Jonathan Edwards Vol. 2




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