A Little Spiritual Voyeurism?

5 01 2008

This year, our Pastor challenged our church to read through the Bible and journal.  In previous years we have read through the Bible as a church (two years ago we went through chronologically and last year we used M’Cheyne’s reading plan) but the call to keep a journal is new.  I’m a huge fan of devotional journaling (this discipline has been a source of rich blessing in my life since Jr. high) and I’m very eager to see the fruit of this practice in our church family.

My brother, Dave, has put an interesting spin on this year’s challenge.  He has decided to make his journal public by writing it on-line.  According to Dave, he did this because “a blog is free and a notebook is like… 84¢.”  His cheapskate ways (just kidding, Dave) have resulted in a blessing for all of us.  Each day you can stop by Dave’s blog and join with him on his spiritual journey.  You can read his wonderful insights on the text, and then watch as he lets the Word loose in his life.  After recording how the OT and NT texts ‘took him to the woodshed,’ Dave even shares his prayers with us.

I would encourage you to stop by and check it out.  And for those of you reading through the Bible this year, make a comment or two on Dave’s site and let him know how you’re apply that day’s text to your life.  I know he’ll really appreciate the reciprocated transparency. 




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