A Heart that Trembles: Our Approach to Theology?

30 12 2007

I came across this convicting truth reading through Jeremiah Burroughs‘ powerful sermon A Heart that Trembles at God’s Word is Precious in God’s Sight.  You can find the sermon in the book Gospel Fear

In the Word of God there are wonderful, high, glorious, amazing mysteries that are revealed, mysteries to be trembled at.  It rather becomes poor creatures to receive them with trembling rather than to search into them by inquiring. Oh, the mysteries of salvation are so infinitely above us that they cannot but cause trembling in the hearts of those who come to understand the glory of them. There’s the mystery of election, of redemption, of the hypostatic union, of the death of the Son of God, of justification, reconciliation, adoption, sanctification, and glorification.  They are mysteries to be trembled at in respect of the infinite depth, length, height, and breadth of them.”

Clearly our puritan brother isn’t calling us to abandon the study of these glorious doctrines, but to watch our attitude as we approach their study.  They should not become for us mere academic ventures or sources of frustration; Burroughs is calling us to see them as holy ground and reverently approach what our glorious God has so graciously revealed.
It is then that our study of Theology will rightly become for us an exercise in worship.




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