Thomas Boston…On Psalm 40

20 12 2007

As this blog has been attracting those hunting for information on Psalm 40, I thought I would start a series of posts focusing on wonderful truths that others have gleaned from this rich Psalm.  I hope this helps those who feel like their search engine has lead them to the wrong place and that it encourages you faithful readers as well. 

Today’s insight comes from puritan Thomas Boston who helps us to see what it cost to deliver us ultimately from “the pit of destruction;” it cost the life of our Savior.  When we begin to forget about the “miry clay,” when we loose sight of how lost we were and how dire our situation was, we are in danger of losing our joy in and our admiration and love for the Savior.  Remembering the overwhelming darkness of our “pit” will help us to again see clearly the radiant beautiful of our Deliverer, our Rescuer, and that is something of which we never want to loose sight.  Enjoy our brother’s rich words! 

Admire that matchless love which brought you out of the state of wrath.  Christ’s love was active love; he brought thy soul from the pit of corruption!  It was no easy work to purchase the life of the condemned sinner; but he gave his life for thy life.  He gave his precious blood to quench the flame of wrath, which otherwise would have consumed thee.  Men get the best view of the stars from the bottom of a deep pit; from this pit of misery, into which thou wast cast by the fall of the first Adam, thou mayest get the best view of the Sun of Righteousness, in all his dimensions.  He is the second Adam, who took thee out of the horrible pit, and out of the miry clay.  How broad was that love, which covered such a multitude of sins!  Behold the length of it, reaching from everlasting to everlasting, Ps. 103:17.  The depth of it, going so low as to deliver thee from the lowest hell, Ps. 86:13.  The height of it, raising thee up to sit in heavenly places, Eph. 2:6.

-Thomas Boston in Human Nature in Its Fourfold State




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20 12 2007

I love the part of remembering where we came from so that we can have joy in Him! Thank you for being such a faithful man of the Word! Thank you also for constantly making me want to know more and to grow! I love you!

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