Why Must We Glorify God? (Reason 5)

16 12 2007

I hope these rich words from Thomas Watson have been an encouragement and a challenge to you over the last two weeks.  When I first read this section of Man’s Chief End, Watson’s question puzzled me.  What kind of question is “Why must we glorify God?”  However, as I meditated on his answers, I found a rich fountain of humbling truth.  The more I drink it in the more clearly I see who I am in relationship to our Almighty, Wonderful, and Glorious God.  I appreciate all five reasons, but I must admit his third reason is a most devastating blow to my pride! Here is the last in the series; savor its richness.

“We must bring glory to God, because all our hopes hang upon him. Psalm 39:7 ‘My hope is in thee.’ And Psalm 62:5 ‘My expectation is from him;’ I expect a kingdom from him. A child that is good-natured will honour his parent, by expecting all he needs from him. Psalm 87:7 ‘All my springs are in thee.’ The silver springs of grace, and the golden springs of glory are in him.”

Thomas Watson from the sermon Man’s Chief End

Reason 1
Reason 2
Reason 3
Reason 4




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