A Most Difficult Task

9 12 2007

Preach the WordAs of this June, I’ll have been on staff at our church for 11 years.  During those years I have been able to observe up-close our Senior Pastor, my father-in-law, Frank.  Faithfully, Sunday after Sunday, this “man of the Word” prepares two expository sermons (one for Sunday morning, which he preaches to two services, and the other for Sunday evening).  Week in and week out, he faithfully exposits the texts of Scripture, proclaiming God’s truth to God’s people for 45 minutes to an hour three times throughout the Lord’s day.  As I was reflecting on this yesterday, I was thinking to myself: “Is there a more difficult task?”  
Some may question the difficulty of this work, but those who puzzle are most likely those who have never done it.  To prepare and preach a faithful, accurate, passionate expository sermon where the rich truths of Scripture are mined out and served up for God’s people is an exhausting task.  The weeks I preach, the message consumes me and once it is preached, I am spent.  And my father-in-law prepares two marvelous messages each week (this week we heard of Christ’s glorious work of reconciliation from Ephesians 2:11-18 and of the disaster of spiritual adultery from James 4:1-6) and has done so for the last 25 years
Praise God for His power and strength that have been demonstrated so clearly through our Pastor as each week he sets his heart to this most difficult task.
We love you and thank God for you, Pastor.  Continue to joyfully “preach the Word!”     




3 responses

10 12 2007

He is pretty great!!!!

10 12 2007
Robert Mullen

We as a congregation are tremendously blessed to have such a godly and dedicated pastoral staff. Just look at the lives of the people who come and stay and take to heart the teaching prepared and you will see the fruit of such great labor. I can only personally speak for my family but our lives have been changed so remarkably by the sermons both you and Pastor Frank deliver under the power of the Holy Spirit. We are far from perfect but we walk much closer to God thanks to the teaching at Valley Bible. I know that I am only one voice of many that thinks this way as I have had conversations with other families at Valley and this feeling is shared by all. I just hope you both know how much you are appreciated and how effective you are as tools in our Creator’s hands.

13 12 2007
Dave Allen

I think it’s probably significant to point out that he prepares all that during the week while attending to people who come to him for counseling. And don’t forget flock groups, men’s breakfasts, leadership meetings… sheesh!

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